Measures for physical and technical security

Before starting work on security and defense of object, professional team of company performs
following actions:

·  Designs the security assessment of the risk of objects in found conditions,

·  Based on findings from the security assessment, designs the plan of security of object and surfaces,

·  Designs the plan of specific duties and obligations for the employees of the company, based on the specific characteristics of objects that are taken under safety,

·  Implementation and organization of administrative affairs and evidences that are linked with the secured object,

·  Harmonization of existing rules for the household sequence of the object with professional requirements of physical and technical security service, which are conditional by the principles of the company “KING SECURITY”, as an integral part of the contract with service users.


Control Center is the location from which supervised, recorded and supported all activities, information, status and reports from guards and protected location.
Control Center should operate twenty-four hours per day (24h), seven (7) days per week . Control Center meets the required standards of certification by the competent authority.   

Control and the way how the inspection will proceed

Based on all kind of objects and buildings we secure in all territory of Republic of Kosovo, “KING SECURITY” company in 2009 formed Operative Center-surveillance of Control in Prishtine, with two centers and has these options:

·  System of alerting for broken objects that are secured from distance

·  System of alerting in case of  fire initiation for objects and secured surfaces

·  Video-surveillance system for secured objects

·  Automatic system of determining the localization of vehicle position  (monitored with GPS and GPRS signals)

Operation and coordination of the work of the Control Center with security patrols, guards, close protection and of customers

Operative Center synchronizes mobile teams of patrols, guards, close protection and of costumers, in order to respond in the shortest time with the selection of the emergency situation at the secured objects

Operative center of “KING SECURITY” company offers permanent opportunities of signals against breaking and fire with a precise definition  of the zone and the objects, reaction in time of these kind of signals and client notifications for events happening in their object.

We use the last modern technology for signals transmission against breaking and fire, which technology includes signal transmission through radio waves in places, where there is no mobile communication too.

Videos and digital medias, chosen for content transmission, guarantee flexibility, high quality of video-signals from objects that are secured from “KING SECURITY” company, so they offer conditions for reactions from intervention teams in conditions, when object of client  or processes within it are in danger.

Operative Center of “KING SECURITY” company possesses GPS (Global Positioning System), which allows locating the position of vehicle where ever it is in earth, except specific places like inside objects, tunnels, garages and underground or underwater locations.


GPS is network of satellites, which constantly transmission coded information through which we are enable to have a precise position definition of the object located on earth.

GPS presents a composition of 24 satellites (from which 21 are in use and 3 others on preventive condition) of earth orbit and they are the key segment of this project.

The main role of GPS system on following vehicles is for the user to give relevant information on transport process, work of the driver and the analysis of these information’s  in purpose of these decisions which results on:

–  reduction of derivatives costs

–  reduction of maintenance costs

–  raising the level of use of vehicle

–  raising the work productivity of driver

–  raising the security to the driver and secure the commodity of services, promotion of quality of other services.

These parameters as a result bring the control system that allows us to:

–  monitor changes of the level of derivatives,

–  monitor history of moving of every vehicle and every driver,

–  monitor the driver’s work (working hours and the effective working hours)

–  monitor the vehicle work (passed road length, motor number of active hours)

–  monitor the style of driving mode (driving speed)

–  monitor the changes of relevant parameters status

–  redirection of vehicle based on new requests etc..

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