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Mr. Avdullah Berisha, a successful businessman, in 2009 founded the Company of Security Services “King Security” Sh.P.K and the board of the Company for general directors designates one of the most important figures for security issues in Kosovo, Mr. Nuredin Ibishi.

In the beginning “King Security” started with physical security services and then with the rise of capacities continued security system with surveillance signals of alarm, CCTV surveillance with cameras and of reaction with panic button, in emergencies, as well as cases of theft prevention and fire prevention. Security Services of public gathering and close protection of VIPs show the higher level of professionalism and integrity of staff.

Based on the performance of the management staff, company has earned the trust of many customers around our country. Today the company “King Security” provides a large number of objects and critical infrastructure.

The mission of “King Security” is the provision of security services in a professional, fast and secure way, by filling the requirements of its costumers, in that way that business or your home to be safe.

The vision of “King Security” is the continuation of residence in Kosovo market as one of the leading companies in the field of security and its expansion in regional dimensions.

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